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It’s all about FOCUS…but with video that’s sort of the point, really.

Long story short

Vitamin Media started in 2004 as a boutique consultancy for independent TV producers; using our knowledge of the global market  to package and pitch their projects to broadcasters to raise funding and secure licensing rights. This came after more than a decade in the production and distribution arenas of the international industry; applying our market intelligence to deliver content audiences wanted.

Our services expanded to include Production Management and brought additional value to our producers. This lifted a huge administrative burden off their shoulders to allow them to concentrate on what they love most…making movies.

Fast-forward a dozen years and the media landscape is vastly different. With the power of movie-making now in everyone’s hands, we aim to give small-to-medium businesses (and fledgling filmmakers) the benefit of our experience with more mobile and efficient production methods, lower costs and a more empowered approach. It’s your chance to tell your story with a little support from us.

Based on the always stunning Gold Coast in Queensland, known for its unbeatable lifestyle and natural beauty, our production unit can work anywhere required to fulfil a project. We’ve filmed all over the world in places big and small, met incredible people and brought some amazing images and stories to the screen. Whatever your ambitions, we have the experience and contacts to deliver broadcast-quality content at an affordable cost.

about vitamin media man shooting video with smartphone
about vitamin media screenshot of non-linear editing software
about vitamin media screenshot of non-linear video editing software

Our passion is telling great stories; about people, places and things that will thrill and empower viewers, change their perspectives and move them to action. We are dreamers, technology geeks, craftspeople, professionals and most of all creators. We live in a highly visual and interconnected world where the power of video to inspire and persuade trumps all.

The medium IS the message

— Marshall McLuhan, 1911-1980, Professor, University of Toronto (1946-1979)

This quote from 1964 is more relevant than ever in the age of smartphones, social media and instant communication. Understanding not only how to structure a great story but also how to use the technology available to us to capture, produce and broadcast it puts a power in our hands that McLuhan couldn’t even dream of. We think it’s a pretty exciting time to be a story-teller.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

Our Team

Just like ‘no man is an island’, the best ideas come from collaboration, discussion, debate and different life experiences. Get the benefit of our knowledge, know-how and global perspective. We work with industry professionals and freelancers as every project has it’s own unique requirements.

Walt Cudlip
Head Storyteller

Avid traveller, foodie and explorer, I love the challenge of learning something new and how to share it with the world. Everyone has a great story inside them waiting to be told.

Wendy Loten
Director Emeritus

History, art and science are my passions, as is travelling the world. Showcasing ordinary people doing extraordinary things that make a difference is what drives me to make films.

Best Boy!
Rounds stuff up

Working long unsociable hours doesn’t bother me. In my free time I like to chase a ball and scare off the occasional kangaroo. Don’t leave me unsupervised around the Craft Services table.

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