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Think of it like a first date.

Working with new people is a learning process. In order for both of us to know if we’re a good fit, our Free Consultation call is a chance to understand what your business is about, your challenges and goals. We can tell you what we do and how it applies to clients like you. We’ve provided three key concerns that can help guide our conversation.

Some background on us

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Our knowledge and skills come from over 25 years in the television space. Producing TV shows, commercial campaigns and growing sales for advertising clients. We’ve always worked with people focused on results and ROI, be it broadcasters wanting eyeballs or advertisers wanting sales. We’re not doing it for the fame, we’re doing it because we love telling great stories that impact people.

Who we work with

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We’ve had quite a varied client base in our career. Large national and regional broadcasters, cable companies, government departments, pharma & healthcare , lifestyle products, food & beverage, performing arts companies and real estate. And our clients come from Australia, Europe and North America.

How we're different

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You’re not looking for content, you’re looking for a result. Content is just the bait to get the prospective customer to your door and keep coming back. We deliver the entire architecture to make that happen. It’s our personally tailored system to captive your target market and convert them to paying customers.

If you haven’t scheduled your free call yet, now’s the time to do that.

Your Goals

Where are you at and where do you want to go as a company? What’s stopping you doing that right now?


Your Tactics

How are you currently attracting clients and generating sales? What strategies are you using?


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