If we could help you get customers ‘at will’,

what is that worth to you and your business?

Video is the MOST POPULAR, MOST POWERFUL and MOST SHARED form of communication. And Video Marketing Campaigns are the best way to reach your target audience. We know it, You know it. Your customers definitely know it. But video alone won’t get the job done. It’s needs to fit into cleverly crafted strategy, campaigns and marketing. That’s where VITAMIN MEDIA comes in. We don’t just produce quality videos for ourĀ  clients, we distribute them so they are seen by the people who matter. THEIR customers!

We want you to get results. More LEADS, More CUSTOMERS and More SALES.

For our QUALIFIED clients we bring the power of a nimble agency and a video production house together with over 25 years experience in international distribution to give them the competitive advantage to win more business in their markets.

To find out if we’re right for you and you’re right for us, we prefer to schedule a complimentary meeting to explore taking the next steps. At minimum our clients are fired up to succeed in their industry and/or territory and:

  • Are an established business with existing customer base and sales team
  • Have an advertising/marketing budget to spend on paid advertising
  • A desire to grow annual revenues from 6 to 7 or 8 figures
But what about pricing? In truth, every business and its goals are different. Fees will vary based on the needs and objectives, but our TIERS give a sliding scale of the service offering we provide to achieve your results. Specifics are provided in our custom proposal tailored just for you.
video production pricing : Small business owner at desk


For Basic Business Health.


Build awareness and Lead-Gen


  • Monthly Strategy meeting
  • Branded Commercial campaign
  • New video every month
  • Traffic reports and feedback
  • Social Media management
  • Campaign Management
video production pricing : Woman in open plan office


For healthy Sales and Growth


Really drive revenues


  • Monthly strategy meeting
  • Branded commercial campaigns
  • 2-3 new videos per month
  • Multi-platform targeted DISTRIBUTION
  • Campaign monitoring and reporting
  • Social Media management
  • Live on-location streaming
video production pricing : Woman in kitchen recording video


For Sustainable Long-term Results


We’re out to dominate the market


  • Monthly strategy meeting(s)
  • Quarterly Planning Session
  • Option for EXCLUSIVE Category status
  • Branded Intro/Extro (with graphics & royalty-free music)
  • Video content library
  • Multi-platform targeted campaigns
  • National or multi-market campaigns
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Social Media management
  • Multi-camera live-streaming

All video content we create with you (because it’s a collaborative effort) includes royalty-free graphics, animations and music so you’re able to promote your business and your brand worldwide without restrictions.

Of course we more than video marketing campaigns. We also produce Corporate Videos, Training Videos, Walk-Throughs, Reviews, Interviews and much more! Contact us to discuss your needs.
*You can learn more about our Terms of Service
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