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Avoid Bad Audio

When everything works perfectly in a film, TV show or video nobody notices. But when the picture is off, the editing or acting are bad or the sound is poor it sticks out like a sore thumb. Watch enough videos on social media, YouTube or your neighbour’s travelogue and you’ll hear what I mean. Getting the audio right is important because you want your audience to hear your message clearly. You can lose a lot of audience if your audio is below standard and it’s SO easy to achieve. This demonstration video shows you the impact of bad and good sound. We shot this on an iPhone 7+ and iPad Air2 to demonstrate that you don’t need fancy equipment or speciality gear to accomplish good audio. Just some basic knowledge and a solid microphone.

Next time you pick up that mobile for a sneaky little social video, think about how the sound quality impacts not just what the viewer sees, but how that reflects on the brand image you want people to have about you and your business. Jack in a mic, even if you’re only after ambient sound. It’s still WAAAAY better than the mic installed in your phone.

We want to thank the folks at Røde Microphones for their amazing products. We used the SmartLav+ and the VideoMic Pro; both very affordable and available from us, or plenty of other retailers worldwide.