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People, not robots are the heart of any business, that almost goes without saying. And employee recognition is a major touchpoint for millennials. You can achieve several goals by taking your customers behind the scenes and let them meet the staff or partners who keep your enterprise running. We’re seeing this cropping up quite often with bigger brands who have a long established product but are looking for different and disruptive ways to capture the hearts and minds of their customers. What this does is captivate the viewer because it’s not an ad, it’s a personal story. And it also gives the viewer an inside glimpse into the engine-room of your company; the people who make tick and the jobs most customers would never see,  but definitely appreciate are done well.

Not only do you create ‘relatedness’ and ‘authenticity’, these videos increase brand loyalty and humanity. Despite the ubiquity of online shopping, human interaction is what turns a purchase into an experience. The consumer buys on emotion as much as need, often more so. Creating that emotional rapport gives them a greater sense of understanding your company, your culture and celebrating your employees.

Turning to employee recognition, creating this genre of video acknowledges your staff, team, partners or associates for a job well done, for their commitment, their consistency and contribution to your collective success. However it serves several other purposes; communicating company culture and the work ethic your employees bring to the organisation. If you’re looking at recruiting new people who will be a good fit, and likewise you’re right for them, behind the scenes employee videos can be highly effective at pre-selecting the right individuals. And it acts as an incentive to other employees to keep the standards high to qualify for their own starring role.

So where would you use behind the scenes videos? Across all your social touch points, from online platforms to trade shows, in-store, recruitment expos, awards nights, public relations and more. You get a lot of mileage from content like this. It’s what in the industry we call ‘evergreen’ content. It’s not tied to an ‘offer’. Can you imagine “Meet Lucy, our 747 engine mechanic. Flights to Los Angeles now on sale!” ? That would just be weird. But as part of the customer experience on inflight entertainment I’d be really interested to know that Lucy has a passion for airplanes, engineering, safety and knowing that her unseen contribution helps thousands of people reach their destinations in comfort. That’s something a robot could never tell you.

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