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What does a typical transaction look like between you and a customer at your business? Do you offer a bespoke service or help steer your clients’ through a decision process? A customer experience video can overcome some hesitation and uncertainty that new leads may have about what it’s like doing business with you.

Giving anecdotal examples of past clients or illustrating with a typical customer profile helps your viewer into that ‘everyman’ headspace to feel like you’re speaking directly to them. These videos can also appeal to the aspirational ambitions of your customer such as a walk-through of what life could be like with your product or service.

Videos like this are an opportunity to showcase many sides of your business. Consider the lifecycle transaction of your most common customers or clients. What do they want? More than likely a friction-less path from persuasion to purchase to follow up. Profile how your company does that in it’s own unique way to your unique client base.

If you anticipate the typical concerns and questions your first-time customers have, you can build that into your video(s). This will short-circuit a lot of the selling process, alleviate anxiety and save you and your sales team heaps of time before the customer has even walked in the door or added you to the shopping cart.

Our business is about telling your stories and experiences so your customers engage and invest in you. Speak to us today about showing the world how well you do what you do and make a difference to your ideal clients.

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