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Is it safe for my daughter to get a perm?

People have questions, you have answers. Every business does something a little differently and your clients likely have some similar concerns that you’re responding to regularly. Most people put up a FAQ page on their website. Go one better and convert those pesky enquiries to banging videos that not only satisfy the curious itch but transmit your brand personality and point of difference.

What you’re really doing however is giving your customers a fast and simple connection point to your brand. It’s statistically incredible how many people would rather watch a video or read some content than pick up the phone. AND if you have Facebook messenger as a primary contact, they’ll use that too instead of phoning. So the plus of FAQs is a consistent answer to common questions, but the video aspect give you a stronger brand impression (think logos on clothes, your business in the background,  friendly staff on camera etc) and add the human element that people really crave.

Need another plus for those FAQ videos? You’ll save massive amounts of time answering phone calls or emails, you can drip feed these in your social accounts (rinse and repeat, they rarely go stale) and they crank up your SEO because video is flavour of the decade with all those bots crawling the web and ranking you no.1  Our advice is to embed the voice-over or dialogue as a caption track so besides the visible on-screen text, you’re getting the SEO benefit of your keywords being seen by search engines.

MARKETING TIP: As soon as your customer has made a purchase, or a booking, send them one of your FAQ videos in the confirmation email. It demonstrates a desire to be helpful and reinforces trust. You can have that one for free!!

Our biggest FAQ? How much does it cost to make a video? Our answer: it’s like a wedding. You want it fancy it costs more, you want it simple it costs less. But we don’t only make videos. We produce entire strategic campaigns that are custom-crafted to put the right message(s) in front of your target audience at the right time.