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There’s no sense in spending the time and effort to capture content of any kind and toss it up on the socials just to feed the algorithms. Seeing someone’s boomerang on Instagram of blurry shots of cake or some cocktails doesn’t do anything to encourage action. If you’re in business and attempting to reach your core audience, the focus (and we mean that both figuratively and literally) should be on quality content that informs, entertains, engages and motivates the viewer to do something.

Want more engagement from your posts? Eye-catching content goes hand in hand with a compelling story. Like looking fabulous while eating spaghetti and wine on a li-lo in Capri; something I’ve always wanted to do! If you opened this post to read it, then you’d have to agree. Visuals are striking and should compel the viewer to want to investigate, or stay with you on the journey to find out what happens next.

When you see this photo, doesn’t it just provoke questions of who, what and why? It certainly did for us…particularly the pasta picnic on an air mattress. If anyone knows who these women are, please share! What we love about it is the relaxed glamour, the hedonistic experience and somewhat aspirational desire it provokes…that life can be so lovely you can indulge in a carefree meal with your friends in a beautiful setting.

The point is that your audience is looking for more than a great image or video…they want to learn something about you and your business. It’s about building trust and relationships. And this needs to be part of a larger marketing strategy to move your customer, client, prospect, stakeholder along your pre-determined path to the eventual outcome. So, you may be looking at many videos or pieces of content that help them in that process. Each time you ‘touch’ them, you’re reinforcing your brand, message, values, building trust and reminding them that what you offer meets their needs.

One of the big benefits of using video in your content strategy is the ability to communicate with subtle cues intangible attributes like authenticity and empathy. Facial expression, tone of voice, sound effects and music can say a lot beyond just the visuals and the dialogue. There’s nothing new here, but what businesses are learning is that thinking beyond simply ‘Lets’s make a commercial’ into other uses for video has far greater impact.

Creating a complete campaign strategy that includes video is how your business can turn basic content into a powerful tool for growth. To find out more about that, contact us for a free consultation that can become your business success story. Or if you’d rather just schedule a call, you can do that too.