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Video is an excellent way to tell a story and give illustration to what you’re intending to communicate. The powerful visuals and the opportunity to share your brand far outpace the ability of just pictures.

Want more engagement from your social content? Eye-catching images go hand in hand with a compelling narrative. Like looking fabulous while eating spaghetti and wine on a li-lo in Capri. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do! If you opened this post to read it, then you’d have to agree.

When you see this photo, doesn’t it just provoke questions of who, what and why? It certainly did for us…particularly the pasta picnic on an air mattress. If anyone knows who these women are, please share!

The point is that your audience is looking for more than a great image or basic video footage…they want to learn something about you and your business. It’s about building trust and relationships. If you’ve ever felt cheated by an Instagram post that looked beautiful but the author shared nothing about where and why, you’ll appreciate the value a good backstory has for triggering emotional reactions. And emotional reactions are what compel viewers to take the next step towards becoming your customer.

Many businesses struggle to make the emotional connection between what they do and how it helps their ideal clients. Storytelling is the ideal way to do that! A great anecdote, a case study or a comparable example help customers relate to your product or service. When they connect their problem and the solution you offer, the story reinforces the belief that you’ve understood their needs.

Give your clients, audience, market more than just a superficial post. Then then let them know what to do next. Such as this: request our FREE ideas guide of powerful videos your customers WANT to see.