If you’re a regular user of social media you’ll soon realise that the types of posts that get the most engagement are ones that give something useful to the viewer; entertainment, information, added value, or connection to the content.

Using video as your content medium lets you say a lot in a short period of time and accomplish a number of important objectives essential to converting consumers from the research phase to buyers. Whether you want to appear on camera yourself or have a designated face to your business, your overall credibility goes way up when viewers can connect with a human being. It makes you real and what you say more impactful. Of course animation or screen capture videos can work too, but we’re natural story tellers and for millennia we’re attuned to respond more emotionally to a person than not.

What sort of videos to make and what works best with viewers? Build a content library of material that brings a benefit to your audience without any direct and obvious reward to you. Sharing information about your industry, passing on product knowledge, commenting on trends or pointing out complimentary resources make you look generous and knowledgable. That sort of added value is reassuring to viewers who don’t have the time and understanding to be on top of things the way you do.

Once you’ve got this content ‘in the can’ you need to ensure it gets seen. Cross posting to all your social channels is an obvious strategy, as is finding out the key influencers who can view, comment and share so that the reach of your videos go beyond the limits of your own core audience. Use searchable keywords in your descriptions, hashtags and posts. So much marketing is now inbound, meaning it’s research-based by consumers seeking services, information and comparisons. Do what you can and use every tool to be found by search engines.

Of course getting to grips with this isn’t your main focus. But it is ours. We can help you better understand the power of video to communicate and the best strategies to get it seen by the people that matter the most to you. Let’s chat!

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