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We look at a lot of ads, and a lot of content on social media. We like to see what’s working and what isn’t. We deconstruct the content, the production values, the types of shots used, effects, script, storyline (or for all of the above–lack thereof). In fact we’re probably the worst people to go to a movie or watch television with.

The evolutions in technology to deliver great content at lower cost are rapidly changing how we promote and communicate to audiences. It’s the fundamentals of a good story, good production and understanding your brand and objectives that make memorable¬† marketing really successful. No matter whether its a photo or a video, if the message doesn’t deliver the impact and narrative to the audience, all the fancy drone shots and gimmicky social media tricks can’t make a bad outfit better. So expect to see savvy marketing people using modern platforms to distribute your message, but decidedly old-school genres to cut through the dross of so much bad content.

How does this insight benefit you, the business owner? It means that audiences still respond to the classic psychological tricks that filmmakers and screenwriters have used for more than a century. It means you can wrap your brand and your message inside content genres that are recognisable to your audience, like documentaries, mini-dramas, cinematic trailers, and reality formats. Longer form viewing that holds your audiences’ attention means more eyeballs consuming your brand.

What excites us about this evolution is that it absolutely takes us back to the days of programme development for TV. We start with the audience in mind, understanding their behaviours, interests and motivations. It produces better quality programming and repeat viewing. And that’s the sort of thinking you need to capture the attention of your consumers.