What is PoP-TV?

This is an audience participation reality show for foodies, chefs and the hospitality industry. We mix together the excitement of competition with bringing business in the door of your restaurant.

How It Works

Prix-Fixe Menus

Pair each course with wines, beers or spirits for a complete experience, available for diners during the voting window.

Real Conditions

Demonstrate your creativity and ability to think on your feet just like in a busy kitchen during service. 

Tasty Meals

Flavour, technique, plating and presentation combine to deliver a culinary reward to the judges and viewers.

Creative Chefs

Cooking under time constraints with a tray of ingredients to prepare a three-course menu in 30-minutes.

Increasing Patronage

Our format is designed to fill tables, increase engagement, boost your profile and showcase your restaurant.

On Demand Viewing

All episodes are streamed online so viewers can watch whenever, share, comment and engage with you. locally or further afield.

What’s In It For Restaurateurs?

We’ve created a first-of-its-kind reality-TV format where the audience can influence the outcome by participating (eating in your restaurant) and voting. PoP-TV brings diners in your door, makes them influencers and directs more business to you. Food television is massive. Now hungry foodies can be part of the programme and influence others to come sit at your table.

PoP-TV is a half-hour commercial about your restaurant.

Meet your Co-Hosts

POP-TV co-hosts Benita Orwell and Lloyd Johnson posing outside a Broadbeach Queensland restaurant





Benita Orwell and Lloyd Johnson join our culinary adventure team to take our viewers through the busy kitchen, follow the action and keep our chefs on time with the challenges.

Both veterans of Masterchef Australia, Benita and Lloyd bring experience in reality TV food competition to POP-TV.

Who Are We Looking For?


Chefs who can think on their feet, improvise and tie together three courses that showcase their abilities.



White table cloth or casual dining, we’re looking for venues that want to offer diners an experience. “



Show viewers your personality and your passion for great food. It’s entertainment for all senses.



Share how your restaurant and your city are great places for a delicious evening with family and friends.”

Our Story

Where It All Began

PoP-TV began in Bermuda, a destination renowned for toursim and hospitality. The goal is to celebrate the talents of chefs, their creativity and encourage diners to come experience something new. We give fans of reality food shows the one thing that they could never do before…actually taste the meals prepared by the competitors…and vote on it to determine who will be the winning chef in their city.

It’s a revolution in reality-TV that’s a proven winner at filling restaurants with people excited to eat what they saw made on television. TV ratings that turn into customers. Who doesn’t want to score a goal like that?

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience”
James Beard

It’s Prep Time


The excitement is coming back to hospitality.

Patrons are eager to dine out again.

This is the time to plan for a bold return to operations with a powerful promotion.

Signal your interest by reaching out to us and we can discuss the logistics of participation in this series.

Don’t be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!