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Who isn’t fascinated by how stuff is made, how things are done or who the people are that create the products or services you buy? Take your audience behind the scenes to the workshop floor, the bull pen of your office or wherever you create the “magic”. This helps explain not just the craftsmanship, skills and attention to detail but justifies the value you put on your work.

We have filmed in dozens of factories around the world to see how things are produced and met the people who have developed the skills to create beautiful things. These videos are a great selling tool to help your customer understand all you do and add to what they pay for. Allowances for protecting IP, you can really build a much stronger relationship and brand loyalty by bringing your clients into the ‘back of house’ and seeing the process.

Use these types of videos to present the passion you have for your business and why you wanted to start it. What solution did you bring that no one else was doing? What does your team do that sets you apart? Points of difference can reinforce why your customers choose you and stick with you.

After shooting 104 episodes of how things got made, we’ve pretty much nailed this genre. It’s an easy story to tell and it’s fun to tease out the uniqueness each business has that gives their audience comfort in their brand. Allegedly there are 8 million stories in the naked city. We’ll help you tell yours.