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Terms of Service

Our terms of service detail how our specially packaged video production pricing are designed to help you jump start your online marketing and build your brand. We will meet with you and your team to understand your objectives, plan a strategy and content calendar, and produce the videos included in each tier package. These packages allow us to bring a certain creative ├Žsthetic and production value including b-roll, stock footage, graphics, effects and royalty-free music to your videos.

The Videos

Our objective is to get your front and centre with your target market using you, your staff and your business as your brand combined with an efficient advertising campaign. Explainers, product knowledge, meet the boss, behind the scenes etc that focus on giving insight and value to your audience are what we’re offering. We aim for maximum visual impact to deliver engagement and more customers to you.

Location Shooting

Sounds glamorous but all it means is we’re filming away form your usual place of business, whether it’s the local park, a carefully scouted venue or your own backyard. We factor time, permits, crowd control, distance or other factors into the mix and these are reflected in the budget

We welcome business from anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and Canada and will work with you to meet your production requirements in the most efficient way possible.


All video projects are rendered and exported in 16:9 at 1080p HD unless specified otherwise. Files are delivered ‘broadcast ready’ on the H.264 codec for upload to all common platforms as .mp4 via secure DropBox. Alternative file formats, resolutions and codecs are available to suit your project requirements. Please discuss this with our production team.

On Screen Talent

For most SMEs, the people are the brand, however we realise not everyone wants to be front and centre on camera. Actors, voice-artists, models and extras are not included in the pricing. We can arrange on-screen talent or a voice-over at prevailing industry rates.


Payment Terms

Depending on what social and marketing assets you already have in place we may need to devote some time and effort to creating the framework for our Video Marketing Campaigns. If so, a set up fee will be charged. We work with our clients on a monthly retainer basis, to allow for continuity of their campaigns, long-term planning and maximum efficiency of production resources. We outline everything in our business proposal.