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Video production isn’t always about corporate messages and branding. Sometimes when you have your camera and there’s something interesting happening, it’s worth shooting some footage and telling a little story. We matched up this video with some classic travel music and hope you like it.

A sleepy Sunday afternoon at the Escarpment on Mt Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland turned into a pretty busy airfield as a dozen paragliders ran down the hillside into the updraft and launched into the sky.They look so graceful once airborne and steer to catch the wind as it blows up the mountain from the western side of the coastal range. Amazing that just a few strings and some nylon fabric are what keep the pilot aloft and able to navigate.

There was no need to talk over the scene, as each pilot launched himself into the air, the no-turning-back moment happens pretty quickly and yet it looks effortless as soon as he has lift. Because the scene was just joyful to watch, the only thing necessary was some music to add to the fun. We chose a copyright-free version of Frank Sinatra’s classic 1957 tune ‘Come Fly With Me’ that’s just playful and fit the footage perfectly.

Music is a powerful element in filmmaking and it can completely change how you interpret the visuals. Innocuous activity can take on new meaning with music or sound effects. This adds tremendous depth to your story. Matching the right music to the message is a crucial stage in the editing process and leaves your viewer with an impression. If you’re a business, one thing you want to do is leave a positive memory, or create excitement to drive action. Proper use of music can do that, as we’ve seen here.