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Do you know your #fakie from your #ollie? Every business or industry has it’s own lingo and ways of doing things. Want to build fast and enduring rapport with your customers? Start sharing inside knowledge, shortcuts and hacks.  Tips and  tricks add value for your customers  that will help them get more out of the products or services you provide. Ways for your clients to save time and money, use your products or services differently or flatten their learning curve are much appreciated. For the investment of creating one video or a short series featuring your inside knowledge, you can reach thousands with a consistent training program or workshops that massively increase your brand value.

This also helps transmit your passion for your business and the deeper understanding of your clients’ needs. You can also turn this sort of content into an opportunity to engage your community of customers…someone who has discovered a new way to use your products can feature in a video, turning them into a brand ambassador at the same time. Put it out to your audience to come forward with cool and funky ways they’ve used your products and services to share with others. Guaranteed it will drive more business to your door.

The customer service value for videos like these is HUGE! The perception that you really care about your customers is HUGE! The popularity of #lifehacks videos on YouTube is HUGE! Are you picking up on a trend? Did we mention it’s HUGE?

As part of a larger communications strategy, or included in your sales funnels and follow up comms,  these tips and tricks give you an open invitation to keep getting in front of your customers. No one is going to consider you spammy or over-eager when you give them value.

This has been our #tipoftheday Follow, Like and Share because keeping this kind of gold to yourself isn’t cool dude. Get a strategy around your marketing by contacting us.