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EDMS can be your secret weapon.

Carefully crafted text and beautiful pictures don’t convert as well as email. It’s just a simple fact that movies, tv and commercials communicate emotion and appeal to our senses far better than reading. That’s not to devalue a good book, but we’re here to sell, not indulge in some quiet personal time. And there’s one thing that dramatically improves your click-through rates, your open rates and pushes people down that sales funnel. We’re talking 000s of % more and dozens of times more conversions to sales leads or purchases.


One simple word, one massive shift in how to market your business. Email campaigns still have their value, particularly as they are being sent to subscribers or opt-ins who already know your company and have volunteered to receive your information. So make it simple for them. Decrease the time it takes to share your news, announce a new sale or product, remind them it’s time to…(groom dog, service your car, buy your wife flowers). You get the idea.

Remember you still need quality material to make a positive impact on your viewers. Bad video is worse than no video. Good video is amazing at doing the job you want, and properly thought out, it’s an investment you can use and reuse, not an expense only big business can afford.

Hit them with all the senses. Video moves so your content should move. Use colour, sound, settings and people to communicate ideas without having to say them. This creates connections and emotional responses in viewers so they associate your message, your product or service with feelings.

Marketing is now dominated by user-search so having your content in video form means you can also put it on YouTube, the second largest search destination after it’s big brother Google. Consumers have turned to it for information and entertainment, meaning they’re receptive and accustomed to watching content. Turn that to your advantage!

Make those emails really work for you

  1. Top of the funnel…keep it short. Just introduce yourself, key company values and highlight a key problem that you solve for your customers
  2. What comes next? Give your viewer clear steps to take to move along the journey. Issue a clear call to action that’s low-risk and high value to them.
  3. Link things up. Your email campaign tools should enable you to embed video, but not all of them can, so create a clear and visual thumbnail you can insert as an image with the video link associated that takes them to an external landing page (keep in all in house…don’t send them to Vimeo or YouTube or you’ll lose them down the rabbit hole, never to return)
  4. Stay above the fold. If there’s more in your EDM than just your video, such as other news, sales offers or links to blog content, put the video up at the top of the layout where it’s the first thing they see. This is important because of the next item.
  5. Use the magic word. This is the key to getting those emails opened and the content watched. Put VIDEO in your subject line. You’ll see a 19% boost in readership. That’s massive when successful standard emails hover around 23%. That’s a lot more people on your list being exposed to your content. You’ll also see a massive spike in click-throughs and reduction in the unsubscribe rate.

What’s Next?

Video is the worm on the hook. Don’t struggle to capture more customers by luring them with conventional email campaigns. A professionally designed strategy can set you up for success by using the techniques, time and money saving workflows that film and television productions worked out decades ago. This reduces costs and takes a lot of stress and anxiety off you and your team.

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