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Video is BIG for Small Business

If you’re a business person and thinking about whether this whole move to video is really worth all the hype, I’d like to tell you how it totally transformed the way I did business. I’ve been in the television, sales and marketing business since 1994. I’ve seen the media revolution that brought us digital TV, the rise of the internet and the multi-channel universe. I had clients all around the world in different time zones. Doing business with them was often slow and cumbersome. When I was able to provide an online video showcase of all my programmes, it took away a huge number of headaches. Suddenly I could be open 24/7 and let the programmes do the talking for me. I went from pitching my products to answering requests for acquisition. Video totally changed the relationship with my customers for the better.

When I went on sales trips my clients already had a sense of who I was and what I offered. I spent less time on prospecting and more time on closing deals. Who wouldn’t want more of that? Video can do the same for you. More than 8 Billion video are viewed everyday on Facebook and over 5 Billion on YouTube. This is how people are researching, learning, engaging and sharing the world around them. And it’s what customers expect from a modern business. They want to get to know you and get comfortable before they pull out their wallet. I do that. I’m sure you do too. The reason video is so popular is because it works. It’s the most powerful communication tool you can use to promote yourself and your business.Use it, but use it wisely. Poor video send the wrong message and if you only have 4 seconds to make a positive impression, make the absolute most of it.

Inside you and your business are fantastic stories that your customers want to connect with. At Vitamin Media it’s all about telling those great stories. My experience in television production, broadcasting and marketing gives me the knowledge to move an audience. I put that to work for you, creating the essential emotional connection with the viewer. Building a positive brand and bringing customers to your door.

This is a seismic moment in the way we sell, promote, advertise and communicate about our business. It’s rapidly becoming a must do, not a nice to have. The ship is sailing, the train’s leaving the station. Pick your metaphor, but get on board. Don’t let video fall into the ‘too hard’ basket.

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