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Why Video Marketing Works

I’m a small business person. Is video really all that important to marketing and advertising to my customers?

Convert More Sales

64% of consumers attribute their buying decision to having viewed a product or service video prior to purchase. The ‘social proof’ of video increases their trust in your business.

It's Taking Over The Web

Video as a percentage of Internet traffic is set to hit 82% before 2020. That’s a LOT of videos and you want to capture those eyeballs for your business.

Visitors Prefer Video

80% of visitors to a site are likely to preference watching a video before reading text. The persuasive power of motion picture is an advantage you should be leveraging.

It's On Websites

81% of brand websites now feature video. Digital media and faster Internet makes it possible for even the smallest company to share their message with the world.

8 Billion Views and Counting

Daily views of video on social media are in the billions. From short clips to how-tos and testimonials, audiences are watching videos (including ads) in record numbers.

Video Creates Conversions

70% of marketers report that video increased the conversion rate of viewers. The psychology of advertising can work for you too by giving your customer a connection to your brand.

So do you need video to market your business? The answer is a resounding ABSOLUTELY! 

Video Marketing: The use of motion picture as a strategy to tell a story or convey information, branding and create a connection with your ideal customer.

Does it work?

Just like television commercials, video marketing communicates visual stories that provoke and persuade viewers. Whether simple or complex, video sells your business and your brand better than the written word and more effectively than one photo. If you pull the audience in emotionally, you have their attention and the opportunity to deliver a positive impression.

Where Can I Use Video?

Almost everywhere your audience can see you. We recommend a strategy that incorporates longer form and shorter form video that gives you a library of content that can be evergreen, seasonal and promotional.

  • Throughout your website, especially the Home page and the About Us page
  • On a Landing or Squeeze page
  • In Email newsletters or Opt-In marketing messages
  • On your YouTube channel
  • On social media
  • As a Calling Card to introduce yourself to new contacts

What Kinds Of Video Should I Be Creating?

Your customers are HUNGRY for information about you. This is part of their research phase before they commit to buy from you. Respond to their curiosity with videos that share why you’re in business, customer testimonials, product knowledge or usage, frequently asked questions, employee profiles, behind the scenes, reviews or a weekly update about your industry. It’s really up to you, but the objective is to foster a relationship of trust and confidence in you and your brand.

How Video Helps Your Business

You get 3 big benefits from incorporating video in your marketing strategy. Firstly you improve brand awareness and understanding of your business by your target audience. Imagine having calls and emails from potential clients who already know something about you? Video can do some of the footwork of your sales team so you’re already working with warm leads!

Secondly you will increase your rankings by search engines because video content is part of the algorithms used by Google, Bing, Yahoo and others to preference search results. Obviously the improved SEO puts you closer to the top. Use of keywords and tags in your content will help customers find you faster.

Thirdly, video increases engagement because you can appeal to viewers in your content and this can be measured in Likes, Shares, Comments and Followers. This is why we highly recommend you include Calls To Action in your content.

Talk To Us About Creating A Video Strategy For You

At Vitamin Media we put our 25-year experience in television and marketing to work to help you craft a long-term strategy with video. We specialise in original creative content that gets you noticed and makes an impact in the online space.

This is not a trend. Video Marketing is a disrupter that small businesses can finally start using to take on bigger brands, reach customers around the world and genuinely share the passion they have for their products and services.

Speak to our creative team about a solution that's right for your business.

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