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Every business is looking for that magic formula that makes buying their product or service like ‘selling ice to Eskimos*’. It’s that elusive combination of factors or tactics we want to know that overcome all the resistance and doubts to take the consumer straight to the check-out with money in hand. The key to the answer is ‘combination’. Each of us does our own calculus of needs, wants, value, price, quality and feeling before weighing up the variables to decide if what’s on offer is right for us.

Communicating all those concepts can be difficult in print or with a simple image. Commercials do a great job at this. Mixing characters, music, colour, and dialogue can trigger different sensory receptors and appeal to our rational and emotional brains. It obviously succeeds or we’d have stopped broadcasting ads a long time ago. But how well does it really work?

You’d be surprised how persuasive video can be at moving your prospect to the next phase of the purchase cycle. B2C businesses that feature videos on their websites or include them in their social media marketing see a conversion rate of 73% !! That’s a huge factor and what’s more, it’s measurable.

What kind of difference could that make to your bottom line? Customers come to your business ready to buy, before your sales team even try to close the deal. Or they click and shop online direct from your videos. Seriously, video works to improve your KPIs and it’s an investment that pays for itself many times over.

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