Why are businesses crushing it with video marketing?

How well is your marketing effort going? If you’re still relying on static images in your social posts and email, you’re missing out. Why are businesses crushing it with video marketing?  They know there’s higher engagement, a better emotional connection and greater affinity to their brands. It calls for a greater upfront investment, in terms of time and planning. As a result, the ROI of 2x-8x  or more from the effort is more than worth it.

The statistics are in and it’s been proven time and again that if you want to persuade consumers to do business with you, video is the answer. Whether it’s inbound marketing, email campaigns, sales funnels or social media ads, videos grab attention and convert more effectively to leads, customers and sales. Using video at some or all of these stages of the buying process helps overcome buyer’s resistance and builds trust.

why businesses are crushing it with video markeitng

New economic paradigm demands new tactics

With the impacts of the economic turmoil from the Covid-19 pandemic predicted to be felt for several years, it’s vital that you give your business every chance of success. Whether you’re doing your own marketing, or hiring a firm to help you, it’s vital that you understand the trends and align your strategy to meet the new consumer habits. For extra homework we’ve got this State of the Market report you can download from our friends at Hubspot.

Because of it’s disruptive nature, video demands attention. In the hands of good storytellers it stops the scrolling through social feeds and holds viewers attention for long enough to make that vital impression. Done right, your video delivers information, entertainment and a call to action for what you want your customer to do next.

What success looks like

Your business can really thrive if you put it to work in commercial campaigns. Build your video marketing around your greater business goals and include it as often as possible for best impact. When you ask why are businesses crushing it with video marketing, the answer is that they integrate it across the entire lifecycle of the customer experience. Now the question you have to ask yourself is ‘What would my business look like if I could command customers “at will” ?’

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