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Why Should I Believe You?

It’s tough out there in Internet Land. Online marketing is very much about building a relationship with an audience you’re very unlikely to ever meet. Gaining the trust of strangers, heck, even folks that already know you, is vital to moving them from curious onlookers to clients. It’s vital if your business is going to grow and succeed.

Welcome to the problem of establishing your credibility in the online universe! One of the big benefits of video as a marketing tool is the sense of connectedness that viewers have with your content. If you’re the face of your brand, developing the Know Like and Trust trinity with potential clients is key to converting them to buyers of your goods or services. So how do you do that?

Use a variation of your Elevator Pitch (watch the video here) . This short statement about who you are, what you do and who you do it for can be a polished presentation of your bona fides. You don’t need to whip out your diploma or interject testimonials, just confirm for the viewer that they are in the right place, listening to the right person who has what they need to solve their problem. One technique to use is a sentence such as ‘If we’ve never met before…’ and then say your thing. Or you could say ‘For anyone new to…[your business or yourself]’ and then make your statement. It just wants to sound smooth, natural and believable.┬áTry this technique in your next video.

Whether you’re going live on a social media channel, vlogging about your business or producing a commercial, viewers look for reassurance that you’ve got the runs on the board with respect to your topic. It’s especially helpful to incorporate this statement (you can create variations on a theme) into as much of your video content as possible (where applicable, obviously) so that new viewers who stumble upon you 27 episodes into your rocking YouTube channel will get to know you without starting at episode 1.

At Vitamin Media, part of our core function is helping small businesses with their video communications needs. We give you the coaching and presentation skills to let you confidently be the face of your brand. Putting that across on screen is where you deliver your greatest impact and influence. Whether your customer base is local or international, the online world is where your customers’ research begins and you want to foster credibility quickly.