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The use of video in small business marketing is booming thanks to a number of democratising factors. Social media platforms let you reach your ideal audience, provide highly detailed user analytics to track your advertising and technology that puts content creation in the hands of more people. Gone are the days when only pricey ad agencies and commercial production houses could turn out slick promotions and corporate videos.

It’s more affordable than ever. So why aren’t more people using it? If you’re on the fence about putting SOCIAL VIDEO to work in your business, have a look at the figures here that suggest not only does it increase your audience, it improves their chances of buying from you, it also builds trust and satisfies a public hunger for information. If you’re in key lifestyle sectors where people have a lot of choice and discretionary income, then you definitely want to consider how to reach more people with captivating content.

The figures here are from US survey data, but people are people and human behaviour being what it is, one can expect similar findings in Australia and New Zealand. Even though online shopping has put a huge, and I mean MASSIVE, hole in traditional bricks and mortar retailing and personal services, consumers still want that face-to-face experience to give them reassurance that doing business with you (whether it is virtual or not) is a smart and secure decision.

Think you might be ready to explore the world of video marketing? Not sure how to go about it or where to start? Talk to us about your needs, goals and ideas. We can help you shape a strategy that builds towards greater reach, more engagement and converts the ‘just looking’ visitors into customers. Let’s chat!


why video matters in marketing