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Your Customer Buys The Magic, Not the Product

We bring you another insight into successful marketing and advertising. Too many businesses miss this important concept and lose vital sales to their competitors. How do your marketing efforts stack up when you think about your messaging? What do you need to do so your customer buys the magic…and then buys your product?

Maya Angelou is often quoted and I’ll paraphrase here; “people may not remember you for what you said, people may not remember you for what you did, but they will remember you for how you made them feel.” In this instance we’re hoping that you’re focused on creating positive memories in all your relationships, and with your clients or customers in particular. How people feel is vital to how they make their buying decisions. Emotion comes before logic.

Creating this positive feeling with your customers is part of the magic. I’m referring to the whole brand experience that your clients have with you. 

Let’s Make Customers Appear

Marketing your business is about giving your target audience aspiration.  A better life, more convenience, a feeling of luxury, solving a problem or providing peace of mind.

It doesn’t matter what your product or service is. It’s how the story you tell about it taps into the dreams and desires, or signals the customer wants to send by making a purchase.

This is why it’s important for you as a business owner to identify and reinforce those dreams and desires by promoting the magic you offer to your customer. And every business can do that. To tap into it, you need to think like a customer.

That’s not too difficult, because you are one yourself. You can do a little self-analysis, and be brutally honest to yourself about this, pick something of significance like your car or your smartphone and aside from the absolutely practical reasons, why did you buy that? What does owning that object say about you? What feeling did you have purchasing it? What dream were you fulfilling?

When you can tap into those feelings, you can start to frame how your customer thinks about what you offer.

Sales Psychology

The reason I’m bringing you this invaluable public service announcement is that competition in the marketplace is fierce. There are competitors waiting for you to stumble or misread your customers so they can step in and claim that sale.

This is what marketing and content companies like mine do every day. We analyse and understand the consumer to shape the messages for businesses like you.

And consumers are bombarded by ads everywhere. The ones that can connect with them do so because they engage at that magical level. It doesn’t matter if it’s insurance, rat-catching or luxury watches…your customer still aspires to something.

If you don’t have a rabbit in a hat or a wand, you can call us for help. We can conjure up the magic words to tell the story that your customer wants to hear.

Send us a request for a free 1-hour consultation. That’s no magic trick!

This blog was inspired by marketing guru Seth Godin.