Don’t Tell Me What Your Product Does…tell me how it makes me feel.

We bring you another insight into successful marketing and advertising. Too many businesses miss this important concept and hand vital sales to their competitors. How do your marketing efforts stack up when you think about your messaging??

Let’s Talk About The Feels

Specifically, how your marketing should touch your customer, emotionally.

Basic marketing says “Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak”. Classic advertising advice and yet heaps of businesses are focused on features, facts and figures, not the benefits when spruiking their offers. And this is why we stop looking at ads, keep scrolling or worst of all turn to a competitor who tells a better story, not necessarily a better product.

You get more attention and retention for your message by speaking to the emotional needs of your customer.


Because we’re all, that’s you too Mr/Ms Business Person, looking for an underlying emotive requirement to be met, beyond the purely practical.

“Smarter Moms choose…”

“4 out of 5 dentists recommend…”

“The breakfast of champions…”

The message is that you want to be among those smarter moms, reassured you chose the right toothpaste, and that you too can be a champion with the help of a bowl of cereal.

We all have an ego, we all want validation and we all have fears that need calming so that on some level, by choosing you and your product/service, those emotional desires are met.

Finding and including that emotional element in your marketing touches your customer where it matters most to them. When you make that connection, it does more than say “We’re a great fashion boutique with the latest designs from Milan, London or Bendigo.” It says “Shopping here will make you look and feel beautiful.”

How does your marketing make your customer feel? Rather than struggle, reach out to us. We’ll give you quality creative and clever strategy so you’re confident that your message hits the mark.

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